Victoria Cymes is a company operating on the Polish market since 1989, dealing in the production of own brands and brands in the world.

The activity of Victoria Cymes

An important part of our activity is the production of juices and other products from our private label offer – products bearing the logo of our trading partners. In the area of private labels, we cooperate with almost all retail chains operating on the Polish market. Our portfolio currently has around 100 private labels products, delivered to such network clients as Stokrotka, Piotr and Paweł, Intermarche, Lewiatan, PGS, Synoptic, Aldi, Farutex, FoodCare, Dino, Kaufland, Biedronka, Lidl.

Thanks to several independent, modern production lines, we are able to offer our partners more than a dozen types of packaging, various labeling options and several versions of packaging products. In addition, we offer professional graphic department support in the packaging design process. If you are planning to launch on the market any products from our portfolio under your brand, please contact us. We are open to various forms of cooperation and we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

Professionalism and quality

We offer our partners professionalism and high quality of execution, resulting from many years of experience in the food industry. We combine extensive knowledge and the latest technologies with commitment and innovation. A carefully selected team of our employees watches over the articles we create at every stage of their creation.

European standards

The individual stages of our work are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. IFS FOOD can certify our high standards.

Private label is a great solution for companies that want to expand their product offer with low investment expenditures. You will supply our products under your own brand. Our research and development team thoroughly analyzes current trends and tendencies, thus adapting the product line to the current market requirements. We provide timely delivery of orders, and our offer is very flexible, so we will certainly achieve a beneficial solution to both parties. We invite you to cooperation.


The food industry strives to develop innovative products through new processing methods.

They allow to create products that could not be produced before. One of the most successful developments so far is the HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology.

Our company was the first company in Poland to introduce this innovative method of food preservation for cold pressed juices. Non-thermal pasteurization, known since the 19th century, has been implemented in many branches of the food industry. Wishing to meet your expectations, VICTORIA CYMES meets the expectations of all manufacturers who want to extend the shelf life of their products.

We offer preservation of all types of food. In addition to the high-quality equipment we have, we provide manufacturer's prices as a result of the optimal selection of technology to the customer's needs. Before starting the cooperation, each of the potential products is thoroughly tested to ensure the best technological solution for you. We aim to be the preferred partner for customers, providing them with our unique capabilities and competences in the form of the service offered to preserve products in the food industry and beyond.

For the manufacturer, withdrawing products is logistically and financially difficult, which makes it harder for the client to trust the brand again.

HPP method is lethal to bacteria, so you can be sure that the products that leave your door and enter consumers' homes are safe. HPP method extends the shelf life from 2 to 10 times. Longer shelf life means less waste, and less waste is better for the environment and your financial results.

You can save money, losing less, increase sale by less often producing larger production batches, and increase distribution area.

Extending the shelf life provides not only producers, but also restaurants and catering services, the certainty that each packaging coming from their companies is free from harmful bacteria. This not only gives the company 100% confidence in the safety of the food it supplies, but also gives a distinguishing feature in the market - the manufacturer of natural products.

High pressure processing is a natural, environmentally friendly process that retains the product's nutrients, freshness and taste, and most importantly, ensures consumer safety. Used as a natural alternative to conventional methods of food preservation on an industrial scale, e.g. heat treatment (pasteurization) or the addition of preservatives influencing some bioactive properties and sensory properties of products.

We invite you to cooperation !!!