HPP technology, pressure, high pressure processing - a modern method of food preservation by means of high pressure, thanks to which the number of microorganisms is reduced. An industrial scale solution is used in many countries, including Poland. Its main advantages are to extend the expiration date, preserve nutritional values, freshness and taste properties, eliminate pathogens, and ensure consumer safety. Used as a natural alternative to conventional food preservation methods on an industrial scale, e.g. heat treatment (pasteurization) or the addition of preservatives, affecting some of the bioactive properties and sensory attributes of products.

Our company is the first on the Polish market which introduced HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology for preserving cold pressed juices. The juices preserved in this technology have an extended shelf life, while retaining most of the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits and increasing the product’s safety. This is the perfect answer to contemporary consumer trends as well as facilitating logistics in trade. Cold pressed Victoria Cymes juices, preserved in HPP technology, available on the market since the second half of 2018.

Changing nutritional trends and growing consumer needs put new challenges for producers. Customers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of having the right diet for the quality of thier lives. They look for natural and fresh products and pay a great importance to a good composition. At the same time, the fast pace of life favours the popularity of the products, which save time and are convenient to use.

HPP technology (High Pressure Processing), introduced pioneeringly on the Polish market by our company, allows to produce juices that meet the expectations of modern consumers. These are cold pressed juices, which, despite of preservation, retain most of the properties of used vegetables and fruits, and at the same time are more durable and safer.

The entire production process of new Victoria Cymes cold-pressed juices, preserved by HPP starting from raw material storage, to bottling, high pressure preservation, storage and distribution takes place in a controlled cooling temperature 1°C - 6°C.

The production process is as follows: 

1. We press vegetables and fruits on the press obtaining juice and then we bottle it. (HPP is not the process of producing the juice itself, but the stage of its preservation).

2. The finished, tightly packed product is placed in the chamber, which is filled with water until the desired pressure is created. The hydrostatic pressure is increased to a very high level - 6000 bar (wanting to illustrate to everyone how high this pressure is - for example - if you tie the bottles with juice to the rock and sink them in the deepest part of the ocean, then you will create only 1/5 of the pressure obtained in the machine HPP).

3. Such a high pressure is maintained in the chamber for 2 minutes.

4. High pressure destroys mainly unwanted microorganisms, retaining many valuable properties of used vegetables and fruits such as vitamins, colour, taste and smell. The pressure increases the shelf life of juice - stored in refrigeration conditions, it can be consumed up to 2 months.

The cold pressed Victoria Cymes juices, preserved in HPP technology, are available in six flavours: #SUCCESS (apple, pineapple, strawberry and lime), #HAPPINESS (apple, mango, carrot), #PASSION (apple, cucumber, celery, parsley), #JOY (apple, pear, cherry), #REFRESHMENT (apple, pear, spinach and mint) and #HARMONY (apple, pear, huckleberry).